Take a feels trip with The CompanY’s Nostalgia

This 2016, I am turning 40, to which I attribute my frequent bouts of nostalgia. Seeing a boxful of old cards and letters, watching old films or a new film based on an old one (Star Wars The Force Awakens, yeah!), hearing old songs on the radio, they just bring, you know… So. Much. Feels.

Among the songs that never fail to make me nostalgic are those of The CompanY, their “Everlasting Love” particularly so. I was a high school freshman when it came out and I remember my classmate Claire giving me a copy of its lyrics. I remember listening to The CompanY’s album on my cassette player.

Isn’t the album design neat? 🙂

Listening to The CompanY’s 25th album, aptly titled Nostalgia, is a feels trip. The opening track “Times of Your Life” takes me back to second year high school and makes me remember my Values Ed teacher and class adviser Ma’am Tina Romano. Most of the songs are actually older than I am, but I am familiar with them because of Sunday radio shows, the kind my parents listen to haha! My favorites are the mouthful “Waters of March” and the very emotional Jose Mari Chan classic “Here and Now.” Confession: I really thought that the song whose first line goes “A stick, a stone, it’s the end of the load” was originally a commercial jingle for a local shopping center. Thanks to The CompanY, now I know it’s based on the Brazilian song “Aguas de Marco” composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim.

The CompanY is turning 31, and they are still bringing on the vocals and touching people with their music. I’m just happy that I finally got to see them perform live and even meet and greet them after their show at the Shang last January 24.

In good company (sorry, couldn’t resist haha!)

Because I have yet to find the person I would want to sing “Everlasting Love” to, I will sing it along with The CompanY whenever I hear it on the radio. (Also, I can sing along to the songs in Nostalgia as it includes minus one of the whole album. Awesome, right?)