The Summer of Friendship

I believe the four of us were fated to be friends although it would be curious at first how we became to be when we seem to have nothing in common except for attending the same high school. I was not even their batchmate, having graduated 4 years ahead, but not once did they make me feel that it matters.

MD and I met through a common friend Rose. I had my first summer job at her mother’s shop. Ber and I attended the same elementary school, but we would not meet until 8 years later. Bong and I met at MD’s place where we played against each other in a game of Jeopardy.

An ordinary day that summer, long before the age of the social network, the four of us forged our bond. Just four kids trying to figure out how to fix a broken TV. I do not even remember if the broken TV was the reason that Bong and Ber came to MD’s place for, or they just came over for lack of other things to do on that particular day that summer.

That summer day led to other days of hanging out, late night walks and conversations about anything and everything over shared Slurpees and hotdog sandwiches or whatever we could afford. Whenever we were allowed, we took Tita Aida’s owner. We watched shows, attended birthday parties, sang Eraserheads songs, earned money and went to Enchanted Kingdom. So much seemed to have happened over such a short time. We had grown much together.

Then we had to grow apart. MD went to the land down under. Studies, work, and other relationships demanded much of our attention.

But our friendship from that summer remains. That’s one of the reasons summer makes me smile.



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