Wear your personality, wear PersonaliTees

“Who are you wearing today?” is a common question during Hollywood red carpet events. But we do not have to be celebrities to be asked or to answer this question. I believe regular people like us reflect our very own personalities by what we wear more than the celebrities who have stylists who dress them up for the events they attend. This is why my friends and I chose “Who are you wearing today?” as our tag line and named our shirt design and printing biz PersonaliTees.

PTees logo

Obviously, we at PersonaliTees are shirt-loving people. Kindly pardon my shamelessness at modeling our own products. Don’t worry, this is as far as my modeling career could go haha!

PTees Yoda
My first PersonaliTees shirt: Yoda I have become.
sushi girl
Sushi girl meets National Artist Dr. Bienvenido Lumbera at the Philippine Literary Festival 2014 last October
Nodame Cantabile-inspired shirt

So if you want personalized shirts for yourself, family, barkada, organization, or what have you, just leave a message in our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/personalitees.com.ph.




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