Meeting art angels at Nihon University

I always look forward to the Nihongo Center Foundation Open House in October because it is where I get to experience Japanese culture. At NCF, I got to wear a yukata for the first time in 2008, watch my first sumo match in 2010, and try calligraphy in 2011. I consider NCF teachers art angels because they incorporate Japanese art in Nihongo lessons. My all-time favorite is still origami. I have a penchant for activities involving paper.

For the JENESYS 2.0 Cultural Exchange Program, Team Shizuoka visited Nihon University College of International Relations in Mishima City. When I saw that we were going to learn sumi-e and ikebana, I felt excited for it was my first time to try both sumi-e and ikebana, yet anxious because I did not know if I was any good with ink or flowers. Thankfully, we had very patient teachers who showed us step by step and helpful Nichidai students who assisted us during the art lessons. They are our art angels in Japan.


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Sumie no sensei


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Ikebana no sensei


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