Fine, fine time at PD-Fly Resort House

In one of our conversations, I remember telling Henri about love languages, how people express love in different ways, and why some people feel they are not loved when in fact they are. At PD-Fly Resort House, their love language is very evident. It is most definitely service: the grandest, five-star kind.

We arrived at Heda Village where PD-Fly is late in the afternoon on December 6, and our hosts were already at the parking lot to meet and greet us. Team Shizuoka had been divided into small groups for our stay at different minshuku for the night. I was assigned to PD-Fly with seven awesome ladies: my roommate Dew of Thailand, Hong Yi of Singapore, Afiqa of Malaysia, May Mon of Myanmar, Bui of Lao DPR, and Vivian and Sally of Australia.

We had come from Nihon University where we learned ikebana so we had fresh flowers with us, and the innkeeper (I have to recall her name!) quickly got us a bucket with water for the flowers. She is so sweet! She was so mindful of us that later when I explored the house and forgot my jacket, she got me a yukata to keep me warm.

PD-Fly Resort House is simply beautiful! It has all the necessary amenities and more. I will let the photographs tell you how beautiful the house is. (Photos courtesy of Dew Pattayakul)

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Too beautiful to eat

Heda being a fishing village, I expected to have fish and seafood for dinner (and breakfast), but I did not expect a feast. The food was not only delicious but also beautifully presented. In fact, everything was too beautiful to eat! (Photos courtesy of Hong Yi Goh)

Five-star dinner!
Five-star dinner!

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We spent only a short time at Heda in general and PD-Fly in particular but that stay has left such a wonderful lasting impression on me. I hope I get to go back at PD-Fly when I am fluent enough in Nihongo so that I can express how much I appreciate their warmth and hospitality.


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