For Master Kim (aka Six degrees from Park Ji-sung)*

My name is Tesha. I’m a Filipino and a football fan. Park Ji Sung is a Korean football superstar. I do not know him personally. In fact, I did not know much about him until I started watching football in 2011. However, I know someone who knows him in person. His name is Kim Chul Su. I call him Master Kim.

Master Kim is a football coach. He coaches the Far Eastern University (FEU) football teams for I don’t know how many years now. (I have to find this out.) For the last n years, FEU is consistently in the Top 4 of UAAP in football.

I admire Master Kim because of how he contributes to the growth of football in the Philippines. Before 2010, football is not as popular in the Philippines as it is now. In 2010, football had a breakout year in the Philippines due to the Azkals’ (the men’s national team) performance in the Suzuki Cup. It has gained quite a following; more people come to watch the games and the United Football League.

In 2012, Master Kim became head coach of the Loyola Meralco Sparks FC in the UFL. That was how I met him. I am a Sparks fan.

Meeting Master Kim for the first time after a Sparks game

Master Kim led the Sparks to their first appearance in the Singapore Cup last year. The team reached the semifinals. It also placed third in the UFL. Most recently, he coached the Sparks U-19 in the UFL Youth League. The team was first runner-up.

I think what’s most amazing about Master Kim is the extent he goes to scout football talents. He scouts players for FEU, and he looks for them in places far away from Manila. He has been to many places in the Philippines such as Compostela Valley, Davao, Surigao…
Some of the players Master Kim had scouted are now with the U-23 national team training pool.

For what Master Kim does for the love of the game, he has become my favorite Korean living in the Philippines.

*Note: My friend Jas and I were supposed to make a video to join a contest. However, we got so busy that we did not have the time . I’m not sure Master Kim will get to read this, but I want to thank him for making me love football even more.


4 thoughts on “For Master Kim (aka Six degrees from Park Ji-sung)*

  1. Very Nice. Do you Master Kim’s Contact Number? I want To get in touch with him because maybe i want to try out for FEU Football team.

    1. Hi Ojay. PM me your contact details and I’ll try to find out details of any FEU tryout for you. Thanks for reading!

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