Memories of summer (and two weeks of spring)

Ah, summer! It has a way of making its presence felt intensely. Makes me want to pack a bag and leave for where the sand is white and fine and the waters cold and clear. Some chilly place with rows of pine trees sounds good too. I am not having the best summer right now, with an impending surgery of a loved one among other things. The heat is messing me a bit but thankfully I have enough memories of awesome summers to help me get through this long hot season.
(1) Namnama Republic. Namnama is Ilocano for hope, and Namnama Republic is what I collectively call the places we went to the summer of 2010. Our homebase was my friends’ place in Agoo, La Union, which I have to say is such a strategic town to live in. In 45 minutes, one can reach the Philippines’ summer capital Baguio City. If one prefers sand and waves, there is San Juan.
(2) Boracay. Sun, sea, sand! Jonas’ fruit shakes!
(3) Baguio. Each of the n times I have been to Baguio was summertime. The first time was for a retreat with the youth group of which I was a member at the time. It was only a year or so after the earthquake that devastated the area, and the place we stayed at was close to Hyatt. We had such fun exchanging scary stories! But what was actually scary was my second time in Baguio. We were on our way home when we had not one but two flat tires. We spent the night on the road, waiting.
(4) Seoul, South Korea. First airplane ride. First overseas trip. First (and hopefully not the last) spring I experienced.


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