Almost perfect weekends (Part 1)

I’m writing this on the third weekend of May. The previous weekends were full of awesomeness and a lot of my most favorite things such as music, comic books, and food. These were the events that made May weekends almost perfect:

Free Comic Book Day at Comic Odyssey Robinsons Galleria, May 7

Let me digress a bit. I stopped buying comic books for some time due to some financial considerations, but there are just comic book issues that I have to have. Action Comics #900 is one of those. I mean, how many comic book titles have reached this number right? So off I went to Planet X Trinoma to buy me a copy; they didn’t have one anymore. The staff was kind enough though to call Comic Odyssey to ask them to reserve me a copy. When I went to pick it up (which by the way felt like I was in a scene in The Big Bang Theory), I was invited to Free Comic Book Day the following Saturday.

I knew about Free Comic Book Day, but I had never been to one. But from following some local and foreign comic book creators, I learned that it would be big this year because it’s the tenth year of FCBD. How big? Comic Odyssey gave away 30,000+ comic books! At first I thought they were just kidding, but they did give away that many. First 600 got a bagful of comic books, and got to choose 3 among the many titles of comic books produced especially for FCBD.ย I got 2 copies of Kung Fu Panda/Richie Rich, and a copy of Young Justice/Batman The Brave and the Bold for my homies.

I got two copies of this, one for me and one for my friend L.

Also, I finally bought the Eisner award-winning All-star Superman Volumes 1 and 2, and two other back issues. Two hours spent in line at Comic Odyssey was worth it. I would have stayed to meet and greet some of the great local comic book people, but I had another date. Thanks and until the next comic book sale, Comic Odyssey!

Lee DeWyze Live! at Venice Piazza, May 7

Photo (C) The Piazza at Venice, McKinley

Lee DeWyze was the other date ๐Ÿ™‚ First, I must confess that I rooted for Crystal Bowersox during Season 9 finale of American Idol. But it didn’t mean that I don’t like Lee. I do like him, and now that I have seen him perform live and listened to his album Live It Up, I must say that I like him more. Solid guitar playing, heart-on-his-sleeve lyrics, Lee has everything that wins me over in a musician. I wished he played Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Boxer” that night, but I was happy enough with U2’s “Beautiful Day.” Awesome. And that’s just his first song haha! I’m definitely going again when he comes back.

Special thanks goes to Laya, Mommy Pia and Daddy Joel, Bel, and Gugoy ๐Ÿ™‚ I wouldn’t have seen Lee DeWyze if it wasn’t for you.

Binondo Food Trip, May 8

May 8 was Mother’s Day, and I spent it with one of the most beautiful moms I know, my kumare Mhean, and her three children Aga, Andrei, and Anjo on a food trip in Binondo. There were just too many good places to pig out at in Binondo, so I asked co-workers and Google’s help, and we ended in Wai Ying in Benavidez St.

We ordered a quarter of roasted peking duck, chicken feet, siomai, fried rice, and the bomb: curry fried dumpling. Sorry, no picture of the curry fried dumpling. As you can see, we were an impatient lot. We wiped our plates clean in an hour or so. But really, if you are into curry as I am, you really should try Wai Ying’s.

A quarter roasted peking duck, Php275
An order has four pieces. (We were obviously impatient to eat them haha!)

After having brunch at Wai Ying, we went to Divisoria to do some shopping. We had to cut the shopping short for Starbucks’ Happy Hour. Who can resist frappuccinos at half the price? Obviously not I and a number of folks from Binondo.

Pupil’s Limiters of the Infinity Poolย Mall Tour, SM Marilao, May 8

Pupil played tracks from their album Limiters of the Infinity Pool

May 8 was rainy; Pupil’s mall show started two hours late. But I think I will never mind waiting for Ely, Yan, Dok, and Wendell. Also, I wished my fangirling buddies Tina and Elvira were with me. The mall show was enjoyable, and I would have loved to stay. But there were manuscripts waiting to be edited at home. Sigh.

And the first almost perfect weekend of May dissolved just like that.


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