Running for a cause, running for Japan

I had never been the athletic type. In fact, my lowest grades in high school were in Physical Education. At university, despite the many choices we had for P.E., I enrolled in P.E. 1 which is a Foundations course. I took karate and taekwondo but up to now I wonder how I managed to get passing marks. The last P.E. course I took was bowling, and I was so bad I kept pulling my team’s average down. Those were the last physical activities I remember engaging in. There were attempts to get into boxing (I bought a pair of gloves) and aerodancing (I bought the MTV Grind video) but exercising alone at the comfort of one’s own room is not for me. Neither am I the type to spend serious bucks at a gym.

Then a friend invited me to run for a cause. The cause part was of course not a problem. The run part obviously was. I hesitated because my friend and her family are running regularly already. Moreover, I was afraid I was going to embarrass myself by not finishing or by being the last one to finish. But this friend is really wise. She already paid for my registration fee so there was no backing out.

Run for a cause

My first run was more walk than run, but I had a lot of fun. That was in May last year. I have joined three more running events since, and I am liking running more and more. So far, I have run to support causes/groups I strongly believe in:‘s ministries, Milo’s Help Give a Child a Pair of Shoes, and The Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation’s The EDSA Run.

Run for Japan

I have never been to Japan, but it’s a special place for me. I have a Japanese friend and friends who have family members working or residing there. It’s heartbreaking what the tsunami did to northeast Japan coastal villages. I continue to pray for Japan and its people but like many people, I wish I could do more. This may not be much but on April 17, I am running for Japan. Do you want to Run for Japan too? Proceeds will be donated directly to Japan Red Cross as per advice of the Japan Embassy. I hope to see you there!


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