Alex & Lexie

By Alex and Lexie I don’t mean Karev and Grey from the hit TV series Grey’s Anatomy. Alex is my younger brother who has recently become a father to baby girl Lexie. Lexie is nickname to Alessandra Jade who I would have loved to call Alex but that would obviously cause a confusion in the family.

From January 2011

Lexie makes me aunt times 8, which means at most 8 movies in a year in the not so distant future. See, I kinda started a tradition that my nephews and nieces take turns in going out with me for snacks and a movie. It started with Ace when he was not quite 2 years old. It was easier then because there were only him and Anne but the family has grown since then. One time, I tried to take 5 at a time. No one told me it was not such a good idea but believe me, I have learned my lesson. I won’t do it again. At least not in a movie I really wanna sit through and watch with undivided attention.


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