Starting up and starting over

Thank God the long hot summer is over although sometimes I feel that the temperature is still way too high for wet season. For my friends who drop by the Coffee Press to check in on me and who got worried by my absence without disconnection notice, no need to worry. I am back in the blogosphere.
Actually, one of the reasons for my offline status is an online endeavor. I am making another leap of faith: starting up an online language center with my good friend Teacher Chai.
So far, we have set up an office, and like many learning centers, our physical location is where they say the heart is: home. Chai’s home, to be exact.
Work station under construction
Chai and I would have built the office ourselves, but since we lack carpentry skills, we just helped out in sanding and painting the surfaces. Mostly, it is in beige or maybe latte (for coffee XD ) but we have an accent wall in nile green (for you-know-what haha!).
Is this in beige or latte? And yes, my camera's date setting was a mess.
Our website, like the home office, is a work in progress. In the meantime, we have set up theย English Coach, a blog for our students. Expect to hear of my challenges and rewards of online teaching-learning here from now on aside from my usual fangirling adventures, food trips, and what-nots.

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