1. Elvira, Tina, Elke, me, and Sugarfree

I was in 6 of 7 events that Elvira wrote about in her yearend blog entry “2009: The Year of the Fangirl in Me” while I was in 10 of 12 in Tina’s “Define ’09: Fangirling Exploits.” Who else was in those 6 of 7 events in Elvira’s list and in at least 8 of 12 in Tina’s list? (Yes, I am trying to get the intersection of Elvira’s, Tina’s, and my lists, and I would very much like to draw a Venn diagram at this point, but I would not risk losing loyal readers (if any, haha~) over my enthusiasm (read: geekiness) for some things mathematical.)

SUGARFREE. Ebe, Jal, and Kaka figure so much in my fangirl life this year that I cannot choose just one gig or event or moment. I have already written about my Dekada experience, which reconnected me to this band and their music. Then there was the Puregold gig on September 19th with Elvira, which was also when I started to channel my inner Schopenhauer (what?! XD). Boldly I introduced myself to Ebe, Jal, and Kaka, had my copy of Myx Mag that featured them on the cover signed, and asked for photo op. Thanks Elvs! I could not be that bold without you haha~ 

Kaka Quisumbing signing Elvira's Sugarfree stuff

As if the night could not be memorable enough, I got a band shirt from Ebe. Yey!

I watched Sugarfree perform again for my birthday last October at Peryodiko’s “Agawan Base” video launch party at Cubao X, but I got too shy to even say hi to Ebe when he was standing two feet away from me. (Yes, a fan girl could get shy, which is one of the reasons fangirling is an endeavor that should not be undertaken alone. Plus someone needs to take a picture of the fan girl and the fangirling object unless the object would be willing to put his or her arms around the fan so that they could fit the frame while the fan press the button. I reiterate that fangirling buddies are a must for me. The more, the merrier.)

Thanks Hiro-san for this nice pic of Ebe Dancel and myself

One of the things that makes a fan girl happy is having her favorite bands play in her hometown. Homemall in our case: SM Marilao.

Sugarfree rocks SM Marilao

We were so happy already to have Sugarfree at SM Marilao, so how did Elvira, Tina, and I feel when the band dedicated “Tulog Na” to us?

From Tina's Fb photo album on Sugarfree in SM Marilao

The week after that SM Marilao gig was Elvira’s birthday, so that it also served as her early birthday treat. Could it be any better? It does not stop getting better with Sugarfree. At Myx Mo 2009, they did not only play our song, but Ebe greeted Elvira in front of that huge crowd! We hoped but did not expect them to remember but they did and we were amazed and grateful at how sweet and wonderful they are. (And we really really need a copy of that performance as remembrance so if anybody who knows somebody who knows somebody from Myx Philippines comes across this post, please get us a copy?)

Aside from Elvira and Tina, Elke also figured in my Sugarfree-ing this year. She who went shoe shopping with me and gamely sat on the floor of SM Megatrade Hall to counter my panic attack over the unmentionable and lost precious zzzs to come with me to Admit One Popcorn night is one great gal pal. Thanks, Elke dear!

Jal Taguibao and my great gal pal Elke

In a few hours, I am going to say goodbye to 2009 and welcome 2010. I concur with Elvira: 2009 has been a great year for the (music) fan girls in us. But as an individual, I also look back and remember the lessons of 2009 while I look forward to the hopes and dreams that the new year brings. I am not big on resolutions, but as I have learned from one of my mentors years ago, I will keep the music playing and my soul singing. I am going to enjoy life.


4 thoughts on “1. Elvira, Tina, Elke, me, and Sugarfree

  1. i am really happy Sugarfree is here to fuel our fangirling spirits. seriously, they really make us feel special. sila lang yung may ganung magic. ❤

    love love 2009 because of them. thanks ma'am tesha, for being the best fangirling buddy ever. ❤ happy new year! 😀

  2. man,

    bumili rin ako ng sf (mornings album) nitong paskuhan at enjoy namang makinig sa kanila, yun nga lang marami pa ring mais na mais, haha. peace sf!

    bumili rin ako ng nut house ng hilera at ini-enjoy ko nang husto.

  3. this post is a WOW! 2009 is really special for me because of you, Tina, and Sugarfree!!! thanks for being my fangirling buddy, ma’am. i didn’t expect such growth on my fangirling power, haha. those gigs and concerts are awesome, we’ve made new friends, and i was able to hang out with you more often. i’m hoping for more this 2010. next on my list, Saguijo!!! :))

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