2.5 Raise the Roof, Megatent, October 1

With Typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana last September 26, many experienced the worst flood ever in their lifetime. Although we lost some things to the flood, I am grateful because everyone in my family was safe. We did not have to evacuate to another place like many people did.

But for a brief moment after Ondoy, I felt helpless and disconnected. I was glad that Sir Vin’s message about Raise the Roof, a benefit concert for the typhoon survivors, got through to me despite the weak reception in my area the whole week after Ondoy. Seeing the volunteers at the Megatent and watching musicians who themselves had undergone the same if not worse ordeal than I did made me realize that together we shall overcome everything.

2.5 Rock Med, CCP Main Lobby Ramp-Driveway, October 25

One of the best things I will remember about 2009 is my birthday weekend. It was filled with children’s laughter and music. On the day itself I volunteered to assist Teacher Vanessa and other counselors in their work in an elementary school affected by Ondoy. Despite everything, the children laughed and played around and dreamed aloud. They were looking forward to Christmas, and I hope many of them got their wishes.

The day after my birthday was Rock Med. It was everything I could wish for. Perfect weather for an outdoor gig. Awesome music from awesome bands and artists. And the fulfillment of #38 in my list of 100 things to do.

Nahanap din namin siya ^-^

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