7. Archipelago gig #77, St. Mary’s College of Meycauayan, November 28

Some say seven is a lucky number, and I have to say I was lucky indeed to be at Archipelago gig #77. Initially scheduled on September 26th, the Sponge Cola with Archipelago gig was postponed due to typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana. If it pushed through as scheduled, I would not have watched them at SMCM where I taught some years ago.

My friend and former co-teacher Mia got me a staff ID so I could have band area access (I love you, Mia!). I told her not to think of me as a colleague that night but as a music fan so that she would not get shocked at seeing a whole new side of me. (I don’t think she was shocked; amused maybe. )

I was ushering people to their seats when Mia alerted me that the band members had arrived. I immediately went out of the gym to proceed to the CAI room but I had not even crossed the quadrangle when I saw her and Yan Yuzon walking towards the gym. Yan introduced himself, and all I could manage to say was “I follow you on Twitter.” Argh! I don’t even remember how I told him that I wanted to buy a CD and a shirt. It was after all my first time to buy a CD or any merchandise for that matter from a member of any band.

Yan Yuzon, Wendell Garcia, and Pat Tirano of Archipelago

Watching Archipelago perform that night brought me memories of first seeing them perform live at Saguijo in September 2008. And it was totally awesome meeting Pat Tirano and talking to Yan and Wendell Garcia about Against the Light and Myx Mo where they performed a few days before, among other things. Too bad that Chad Rialp was in Macau that time (that gives me a Project: Get Chad to sign my copy of Travel Advisory on my next Archipelago gig).

My copy of limited edition Travel Advisory

 PS: Yan gave me a cool metal Archipelago keychain too 🙂


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