8. DEKADA, Sugarfree’s 10th Anniversary Concert, Music Museum, August 28

First a digression. A personal catastrophe happened to me in late 2004. REM was on my Walkman; “Everybody Hurts” played most of the time. One of my closest, dearest friends invited me to stay in their home for a few days to keep her company while her husband was away on a business trip. In one of our trips to the mall during that staycation, I bought a copy of Sugarfree’s second album Dramachine. Then I got flu, and my friend had to work and leave me home. Bed-ridden, sick in body and spirit, I found solace in Sugarfree’s music as I sang along with Ebe, Jal, and Mitch to “Kandila,” “Kwarto,” and “Tulog Na.” 

Fast forward to 2009. Sugarfree has just released Mornings and Airports and is celebrating its 10th year in the music industry. Tina and Elvira who were my Algebra students back in 2002 are now my fangirling buddies, thanks to our common love for Eraserheads and Sugarfree (and now the list goes on haha). And thanks to the Internet, blogs, mailing lists, and social networking sites, everyone can get information about his or her favorite bands at a click of a mouse. And reservations for front row center tickets wohoo! Thanks again, Miss Karin! I did not know until we were being ushered to our seats how close we were to the stage. My knees were bumping into the speakers the whole time and I could even watch through the cameraman’s LCD screen. 

Viewing Jal Taguibao through the cameraman's screen. Photo courtesy of Tina Gallego.

 Before Dekada, I had not seen Sugarfree perform in a long while. I could not even remember the last time. At the UP Fair most probably. That’s why this concert really felt like a reunion for me. Watching the band perform my favorites was such a thrill, more so when Ebe sat near Elvira to sing “Tulog Na”  (more about this song in upcoming posts). 

Dekada would turn out to be the first of a string of events/gigs I would find myself in to get more of the music I first loved in Dramachine. Now I am wondering where in the world was I when Sa Wakas came out?


2 thoughts on “8. DEKADA, Sugarfree’s 10th Anniversary Concert, Music Museum, August 28

  1. I can’t even explain how I love Sugarfree. Haha. That was one great night ne. Super intimate, and sobrang fun. Parang sa Sugarfree ko lang naranasan ang ganitong klaseng concert. ❤

  2. Hai, hai, what a great night indeed. Made me actually consider going again on the second day. Adik hahaha! But I did not have funds anymore and we had another date, remember? 😉
    We really should go on an Admit One prod at Saguijo soon.

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