9. Eraserheads: The Final Set, SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, March 7

If the Eraserheads: The Reunion was short and sweet and almost surreal, The Final Set was one big intimate gig. But as much as everybody wanted to be intimate with the band, I don’t think anybody wanted to be that close with people he or she does not know. Dikit-dikit ang tao at sobrang init sa Silver where we were. Also a white tent blocked the view of the stage so that we could hear shouts of “Ibagsak ang tent!” from time to time during the concert. Despite those hassles, we had a fun, fun time at the Final Set.

Having a fun time at the Final Set. Photo courtesy of Tina Gallego.

In Pupil’s newly released book Against the Light, Ely Buendia himself wrote that “The Final Set provided that much-needed closure for everyone, and now the fans are starting to appreciate Pupil and I’m starting to appreciate the Eheads and its fans.” How true these words are for me, and this is why I included it in my countdown.


5 thoughts on “9. Eraserheads: The Final Set, SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, March 7

  1. I needed the Final Set din para makamove on. haha. Now I appreciate Pupil and their music. Dati kasi, I was a Pupil fan dahil I am an Eheads fan. Pero now, I am a Pupil fan because I love Pupil and their songs.

    And the Final Set was a lot better kasi mas nakahinga ako (sobrang ‘di ako makahinga nung unang reunion concert). Haha. And mas nakikita ko ang stage. And may camera na ako. At may fireworks! Love love.

    May order ba ‘tong countdown sensei, or random gigs lang per day? Haha~

    1. Closure in many levels talaga. And it has opened me up to appreciating other OPM bands.

      I’m trying to rank pero ang hirap! ‘Yung top 5, related dun sa earlier list ko na 100, pero di pa rin definite yung order.

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