My Top Ten Fangirl Moments of 2009

With the many bad things that happened in 2009, this year could not end fast enough. Nonetheless, good or bad, we take time to look back at the year that was. I’m not even going to attempt counting down the events that have influenced, affected, or shaped our socio-economic and political landscapes. I leave such countdowns to my respected journalists of the networks and the broadsheets.

Looking back, I realize that music played the most significant role in my life this year. Musical events gave me something to look forward to. For instance, as early as February, Tina, Elvira, and I were anticipating Sugarfree’s 10th anniversary concert in August. Of course, there was also the Eraserheads: The Final Set in March for which I think we bought tickets as early as January haha!

So for today and the next nine days, I will be posting my top ten fangirl moments of 2009. On with my countdown then!

10. David Cook Live in Manila, SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, May 16

This was the most expensive concert I have been to, but it was worth every sacrifice I had to make to see David Cook perform live. Cookie in lieu of coffee? Anytime!


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