Wall posts

What’s hanging on your wall? I took pictures of the posters hanging on my wall for Japinoy.com POW for the theme “Kabe” (Japanese for “Wall”) but never got around to posting a picture in the thread. I thought of sharing about the two movie posters, two concert posters, and a letter I have on my wall and door.

  1. The Return of the King – I love The Lord of the Rings trilogy (Peter Jackson). Aside from the poster, I also own a copy of The Lord of the Rings Official Movie Guide and The Making of the Movie Trilogy. The Lord of the Rings has replaced The Sound of Music as my Christmas movie. Every Christmas eve after The Return of the King completed the series, I have never failed the watch the films as I wait for midnight to strike.
  2. From July 2009
  3. The Notebook – I don’t remember if I had read the book first before I saw this film with my friend Bibanleigh but I remember watching it at the Shang Cineplex for free courtesy of Bibanleigh’s friend who worked with Smart, the event sponsor. I also got the poster for free, while I bought the LOTR poster for Php120.
  4. From July 2009
  5. Eraserheads The Reunion Concert – A gift from Yerski, this poster always reminds me of one of the most anticipated and well-attended events of 2008. My blogpost on this concert also remains to be my most read post.
  6. From July 2009
  7. The David Cook Experience – Another free poster from the event sponsor Skechers, I have this posted above the mirror so I can look at DC while I fix myself up.
  8. Abraham Lincoln’s letter to his son’s Teacher – A few years back, my friends and colleagues Teachers Joyce, Je, and Ana organized a reading seminar called I Love Reading! in Olongapo. Scholastic was one of the sponsors and I got this poster with the book on phonics. What a reminder of the task that a teacher has on his or her shoulders!
  9. From July 2009

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