Multiples of 10

I am writing my 100th post on my first anniversary as a member of Japinoy. Also, it has been 10 years since I became a teacher.

My Japinoy mug
My Japinoy mug

I am also watching Dekada, the 10th anniversary concert of one of my favorite bands, Sugarfree! We have an extra golden ticket (center, front row). If interested, tweet @ashte, @stickerhappier, or @DRAMAchine28.


5 thoughts on “Multiples of 10

  1. hi, i sent @ashte a tweet about this but i’m not sure if you received it. anyway, i’m interested if it’s still available. thanks!

    1. Got your tweet. Sorry for the late reply. @stickerhappier will be in touch with you. Glad to be seatmates with you to this highly anticipated event 🙂

  2. Wow, so many events to celebrate! Naka-1 year ka na pala sa Japinoy, ang bilis no? 🙂 And 10 years ka na as teacher, omedetou! More, more blessings to your chosen career, Teacher Tesha 🙂

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