Three places I wish to be this week

Iwojima, Japan, to get a good view of the century’s longest total solar eclipse, July 22. Even Shanghai, China would be a great place to be tomorrow between 8:40 AM to 11:00 AM.

mage above: The sun's corona, or outer atmosphere, is visible during totality -- when the sun is totally obscured by the moon's shadow. Credit: NASA TV

San Diego Comic-Con 2009. To the fortunate ones who have tickets to this event, I envy you. Filipino comic book artist Leinil Francis Yu will be there on Thursday, July 23 for a free-for-all discussion with fans and aspiring artists.

leinilyu on SDCC

I wonder if Renato Guedes, whose work on Action Comics I adore, will be there?

Either of the two cities where Green Day will be performing this week. I have yet to get the 21st Century Breakdown CD. おかねじゃない 😦


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