East meets West at Dolcelatte

Heavy rains could not keep me from meeting my good friends for dinner at Dolcelatte, the cafe and gourmet bakeshop located at the C&E Information and Resource Center. The first time we ate at Dolcelatte was a blast! We had a five-course meal and even got to chitchat with Executive Chef Pablo ‘Boy’ Logro, who was featured on QTV’s Secrets of the Masters weeks after we met him. Chef Boy speaks Japanese and French, and tells interesting stories about food and places he had been to. He is such a jolly person that I could not help but think that it is his positive disposition that leads to the creation of such sumptuous dishes.

Red, white, and blue

We were surprised when a guy in a white shirt approached our table to give us a little orientation. It turned out that the restaurant was having cocktails taste testing that night. We were to start at the stronger concoctions, e.g., martinis, mojitos, and margaritas, then move to the non-alcoholic ones. It was a good thing then that I had my dose of caffeine before I left the house.

From July 2009
From July 2009
From July 2009
From July 2009

Cocktails are a study in color: red, watermelon; green, apple or kiwi; blue, lychee; and white, white choco martini, which unfortunately never reached our table. Our hands down cocktail winner is the spicy mango margarita:

From July 2009

I also like the minty flavor of this mojitos:

From July 2009

Dolcelatte のたべものはおしいです

Anna, Laya, and I all ordered pasta: ham pesto, chicken alfredo, and Japanese spaghetti, respectively. My Japanese spaghetti was cooked by Chef Logro himself. Shiitake and button mushrooms, chicken strips, dried seaweed, rice wine, and Japanese soy sauce: とてもおしかった!The manager also recommends pasta arabiata.

From July 2009

Bel had this chicken teriyaki:

From July 2009

Dolce and latte

Dolce is Italian for “sweet” while latte is “milk,” though it is often taken to mean espresso mixed with hot or steamed milk. For dessert, we wanted tiramisu, but it was not available so we had blueberry cheesecake and the highly recommended mango candy.

From July 2009
From July 2009

おなかがいっぱいでした。Moreso, my heart was full, talking and laughing with my friends. To Chef Logro and everyone at Dolcelatte (a big shoutout to Nieves, jill of all trades, master of every single one of them):おつかれさまでした。じゃまた。


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