Meeting the one who dares to be the voice of our generation

SM North Skydome is turning out to be such a memorable venue for me. Last May, I got to see American Idol Season 7 winner David Cook there when he promoted his and David Archuleta’s Manila concert. Last Friday, I got to actually thank Ely Buendia, the man who has written many of the songs that mean a lot to me. Soundtrack of my life, I regard those songs.
I learned about Pupil’s Wildlife Special Edition launch from Tina-chan. We easily decided on going despite her having an org orientation on that day and my having Nihongo final exam the following day. I left the school around 5 PM, and told Tina that I would probably wait in one of the coffee shops in Sky Garden. Once in Sky Garden, I remembered our DC meet-and-greet experience, so I decided to buy the CD and just wait inside the venue so that I could get us good seats. The Dorques was doing soundcheck when I got in. Then, rain fell heavily, and with heavy rains came terrible traffic and delay in schedule. It was a good thing that I brought all my Nihongo study materials with me.
Pupil of course is worth the wait. Yan Yuzon must be one of the warmest band members I’ve ever seen. He got the party started when he invited the audience to come closer to the stage, which of course we gladly did. Ely did some neat dance moves (Note to self: Look for videos of Ely dancing). The band performed not only songs from Wildlife but also from their first album Beautiful Machines. すごい!
What almost ruined it for me was the two annoying guys who kept shouting “Alapaap” when the audience was asking for an encore. I really wanted to scowl at them for being immature. Hay naku talaga!
To my pleasant surprise, Pupil did my favorite Michael Jackson song “Man in the Mirror.” とてもたのしかった!
Ely doing MJ's "Man in the Mirror"
Ely playing MJ's "Man in the Mirror" on guitar
"Man in the Mirror": Ely on guitar, Wendell on vocals
"Man in the Mirror": Ely on guitar, Wendell on vocals

Remember my 100? Realizing 38.1, I am starting to believe that everything is possible.

Ely and Tesha
Thanks, like really, Ely! And thanks for the pictures, Tina-chan!

6 thoughts on “Meeting the one who dares to be the voice of our generation

    1. Sa uulitin! Gusto ko manood ng Nine Inch Nails on August 5! But we are watching Sugarfree in August right?
      Not much time, and not enough moolah 😦

  1. hi there. a pupil fan? sayang sana nakapunta ako dito. hindi ko na kasi nachechek regularly. anyway, japinoy member din ako pero bago p lang (“,). whats your favorite pupil song? . gusto ko din yang “sumasabay” on their wildlife album. In fact it was my favorite track on the album. wow ang haba ng comment ko. (“,) just in case, Im “oasis” at japinoy. See you there na lang (“,)

    1. Thanks for dropping by, oasis-san! I like the lyrics of “Sumasabay.” I love Ely Buendia and I’m such a fan of the Eraserheads, but now I am becoming a Pupil fan.
      See you in one of their gigs? 🙂

  2. テシャさん、ano yang pic na yan?? ラッキー! Hangkyuuut! Swerte mo! (Bakit ang lapit ng kamay mo sa kamay nya ha? Hehe)

    1. Swerte talaga! I’m not sure everyone who was there got to take pictures with Pupil. #41 ako sa pila hehe (May masama akong balak kaya ganun. Kidding! I actually shook his hands, and I leaned on the table for balance when the picture was taken. Ang bigat kasi ng backpack. Saka may masama akong balak hahaha!)

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