Kana reading practice: ベンチが ひとつ

One of the best things about working in a school is having access to books. Small though the school where I now teach,  it has an impressive collection of children’s books. Some books are even in two languages. Happiness!

I have just read The Park Bench, a translation of Fumiko Takeshita and Mamoru Suzuki’s ベンチがひとつ。

I am still looking for a copy of Issunboshi. Recommendations of children’s books in Nihongo are very much welcome. よろしくね。


3 thoughts on “Kana reading practice: ベンチが ひとつ

  1. As I choose books for my kids, I found a lot of good picture books/e-hon. For instance, lately, the series of ‘sora-mame kun’ is very popular here, and my kids have one of them that title is ‘sora-mame kun no bed/そらまめくんのベッド’ . Do you eat ‘sora-mame’, ? This stroy about sora-mame kun that has various experiences with his friends( each of them are various type of beans) and know the preciousness of friendship.
    http://www.ehonnavi.net/ehon01.asp?K=%82%BB%82%E7%82%DC%82%DF%82%AD%82%F1 そらまめ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vicia_faba

    and this is not a new book but a long seller ‘ ばばばあちゃん’ http://www.ehonnavi.net/special.asp?n=309

    ’11ぴきのねこ/11 cats’ is very famous series, too. http://www.ehonnavi.net/special.asp?n=31

    My favorite writer is Kako Satoshi/加古里子. His most famous book is ‘カラスのパンやさん’ http://www.ehonnavi.net/ehon00.asp?no=11
    Momo used to hate brushing her teeth when she was younger, but after read this book ‘はははのはなし’ written by Kako Satoshi about care of the teeth, she is willing to do it! http://www.ehonnavi.net/ehon00.asp?no=402
    He writes books as he talks to adults, of course he uses easy words and phrases, but he respects the ability of imagination of kids so he doesn’t make his books a kind of ‘childish’ .

    If you find any books you want and you can’t get it, plese let me know. 😀

  2. すごい!読みことがとてもすきです。Thank you very much for the links and the recommendations 🙂

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