From my Seoul diary: Bukchon

I was blessed to go on a two-week tour of Seoul and Busan with my cousin Angel in the spring of 2008. Today, it has been a year since that trip, but I still talk about it sometimes as if it happened just last week. I guess I will always remember it for the many firsts that I had experienced: first out of the country trip, first plane ride, first time to be lost in an airport, first KTX ride, among others. The people we met, the places we went to, the food we ate-the whole experience-were so wonderful that Angel and I would probably recall it for the rest of our lives. For the next two weeks, I hope to post entries from my Seoul diary.

Looking for postcards, we had unintentionally explored Bukchon.


Bukchon is one of Seoul’s neighborhoods where the olden-day Seoul’s original appearances are most remarkably preserved.  Situated between Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung (Palace), this historic district is a specially protected zone for its array of ancient Korean homes.  Its name ‘Bukchon’ (Northern Village) is a reference to its location north of Cheonggyecheon and Jongno.  Bukchon is an exclusive residential neighborhood, chiefly inhabited, during Korea’s last dynasty, by royalty and upper class families.


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