Astro Boy for my birthday

Japinoy fellow member Xia posted about the upcoming Astro Boy movie this October.

Knowing that I have a small collection of action figures, my friend SJ gave me my first Astro Boy  figure for my birthday a few years back. The film is coming to the big screen on October 23rd in the US, the date of my birthday here.


2 thoughts on “Astro Boy for my birthday

  1. Wow! Atom is speaking in English!! 鉄腕アトム remaked by the SUMMIT entertainment! Does Freddie Highmore dub Astro Boy part?
    Astro Boy looks more handsome and cooler than アトム in original.

  2. Yes, Freddie Highmore dubs Astro Boy part 🙂 I like him in Finding Neverland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    I did not know that Astro Boy’s name is アトム. I used to watch the animated TV series dubbed in English. I just got hold of a VCD with the Japanese dubbing and English subtitles.

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