Food tripping in Boracay

Being aspiring gourmands that we are, Laya and I sampled a variety of cuisines available in Boracay. Good thing Laya brought along a copy of whr? (Where? Magazine) to get us started on our Bora food trip.

Food from Down Under in The Fish Bar

We really had not yet decided where to eat in D*Mall when it started to rain. We took shelter in The Fish Bar, which also happened to be the featured restaurant in whr?dine in Boracay. Since there were only two of us and we were unsure of how big the food serving would be, we ordered fish and chips and pasta. The drinks list names Australian wines, so I gathered that the Fish Bar serves food like those in Australian seaside restaurants. A food trip by continent or cuisine seemed like a fun thing to do.

Beer battered fish and chips
Beer battered fish and chips
Seafood spaghettini in marinara sauce
Seafood spaghettini in marinara sauce

The fish and chips were enough to fill us we left the spaghettini untouched at dinner time. We took the whole serving back to Nikko’s and ate it while watching the Oscars re-run at ABS-CBN.

Don Vito Ristorante Italiano

Since we already had pasta for dinner at The Fish Bar, we decided on having pizza for lunch at Don Vito Ristorante Italiano. We had half of the Don Vito Special, “the godfather of all pizza,” and half of Islander’s Pizza, which is their version of the Hawaiian (with ham and pineapple). We were right to order a medium because we could not have finished it off had we ordered a large pizza.

Half and half: Don Vito Special and Islander's Pizza
Half and half: Don Vito Special and Islander's Pizza

From where she was seated, Laya could see the traditional oven where the pizza is heated. From where I was seated, I could overhear three Italian guys conversing in Italian among themselves and in English with their lone female companion. The woman said she felt that it was going to rain. One of the men asked, “How do you feel it? Do you feel it in your nose? Or in your big toes?”I did not hear her reply.

It rained a bit that night. My guess was that the woman watched the weather report ๐Ÿ™‚

Hama Japanese Cuisine

I like eating warm food. In one of those Asian films I have seen, one of the characters insists that they eat warm food because it warms the heart. The line may sound cheesy but I totally buy it. So after finishing some tasty pork barbecue (Php10 per stick), we went back to D*Mall to have ramen at Hama Japanese Restaurant.

Miso ramen
Miso ramen

I only wish the ramen came in a thicker bowl that keeps the soup warm longer. Or maybe I took a long time to eat it. In one of those videos on Japan, eating ramen should take no more than 10 minutes. Nonetheless, because the waitress warmly served us, eating ramen at Hama had been a pleasant experience.

Jonah’s Fruit Shakes & Restaurant

The early part of our day was actually staycation which consisted of catching up on some zzzs for Laya and watching MVs for me. That meant no breakfast for us so we looked forward to a sumptuous lunch. My friend Elke tipped us off on Jonah’s.

Jonah’s Fruit Shakes & Restaurant is a long walk from Nikko’s and quite excruciating under the sweltering heat. But it was all worth it. Jonah’s has no fancy interior like the other restaurants in that area, their beach umbrellas do not even match, but I declare the food and the fruit shakes they serve as winner.

We had avocado and milk shake with our lunch.

Jonah's has the best fruit shakes in the island
Jonah's serves the best fruit shakes in the island
Grilled seafood platter minus the shrimps on sticks (already in our plates hehe)
Grilled seafood platter minus the shrimps on sticks (already in our plates hehe)

And we just had to have another round of shakes after swimming (to be precise, for me it was dipping and floating on my back). I had Jonah’s coffee shake. Good enough for me! But watch out, fellow coffee lovers: the green mermaid is coming to Bora very soon.


Indian Cuisine in True Food

Eating at True Food was my first experience of dining in an Indian restaurant. We ordered bread and a saucy chicken dish (I forgot what they are called! ๐Ÿ˜ฆย  I am sure Laya will remember) Because yoghurt shake always tastes well with Persian or Indian dishes, we tried True Food’s sweet yoghurt. I wonder how salty and how spicy the salty and the spicy yoghurt shakes, respectively.

Sweet yoghurt shake
Sweet yoghurt shake


8 thoughts on “Food tripping in Boracay

  1. Great blog and photos. Hope you’ll keep it coming!

    And just a heads up, the people of Boracay really dislike it being called by the slang term “Bora” as they wish to preserve their identity as BoraCAY!

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