Enjoying sand, sea, and sky in Boracay

Finally, I got to see what many people rave about Boracay: the fine white sand, the clear water, and the amazing sunset. I must thank Cebu Pacific for those fare promos and Laya for booking this trip for us.

Our plane left Manila at 12:10 PM so we got to Caticlan airport around 1 PM. Then we took a Php50-tricycle ride to the jettyport where there are designated personnel to collect terminal fee (Php50), boat ride fee (Php25), and environment fee (Php50). Aklanons are charged lower fees upon presentation of a community tax certificate (cedula).

Boracay end of the jettyport
Boracay end of the jettyport

After getting off the boat, we took another tricycle ride to Sitio Ambulong where Nikko’s Beach Resort is located. Nikko’s is in Station 3, some distance away from where the action is at nighttime. We actually got discount vouchers to a hotel in Station 1 and considered staying there but they did not reply to our query. I liked that we stayed at Nikko’s though. We had a big room with a single and a double bed, a modern enough toilet, cable TV, and an aircon in perfect working condition (read: cold mornings). Walking back to our place after a day out also gave us time to burn what we ate (Oh, and what a food trip we had! More about the food in upcoming posts ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are pictures of the sunset on our first day in Boracay:


I took these with my Kodak M753 in different light settings: auto, tungsten, and fluorescent.

Enjoy more pictures of Boracay courtesy of Bryant here. Bryant, his wife Ethel, and their highly entertaining son Magnus also took time to enjoy the sand, sea, and sky.


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