Holidays in Coron and Culion, Palawan

I spent holidays 2007 at the Orencia farm in Culion, Palawan. S. Alice, Teacher Je, and myself left Manila for Coron, Palawan via SuperFerry’s Our Lady of Good Voyage. The ferry departed from the pier around 5 PM, so we watched sunset at Manila Bay:

The voyage to Coron lasted about 12 hours, much of which I spent catching up on sleep. By the time I woke up, it was day break in Coron.

From Coron, we took a pump boat to Ugnisan, Culion where the farm is. There I happily joined Tita Bebeng’s cooking boot camp and learned the secret in making the perfect lumpia wrapper (the nonstick pan!). We also made atchara, halayang ube, adobong bayawak, and adobong pusit. Tita Bebeng can cook all day long! We had just finished eating, and she would start preparing for the next meal.

A trip to Palawan would be incomplete without hitting one of its pristine beaches. We stayed overnight in Horse Island, so-named because of its shape.

We had Horse Island all to ourselves. We set up tents, the guys went fishing, I ran through the length of the beach.


5 thoughts on “Holidays in Coron and Culion, Palawan

    1. Beautiful indeed. If only I could bottle the air there.
      It would be my pleasure to share travel tips to Culion with you ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Hi, Tesha
    Yes! it’s exactly this sea that I saw when I visited your country ten years ago!! SO beautiful and soothing…
    I visited Cebu, Bohol and Dumaguete, mainly for scuba diving. (and also the Caohagan Island that I mentioned on my blog.)
    I love sights, foods and people there! I feel a relief to know that they still remain beautiful heaven. Thank you for sharing!


  2. What an amazing place still unadulterated and saturated like the world’s famous Boracay. How I wish people of that place will of course protect and culture the place even more.

    1. I agree. We have amazingly beautiful beaches and diverse marine life.

      Unfortunately, there are always people who want to exploit nature for their personal gain. Currently there is a signature campaign to put a stop to mining activities in Palawan.

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