Why I believe in happy endings

Last December 20, my friends Joyce and Jerald exchanged “I do’s.” This pair is one of the reasons I will keep on believing in happy endings.

Jerald, Joyce, and I in Horse Island
Jerald, Joyce, and I in Horse Island

Jerald and Joyce are proof that the best foundation for a lasting relationship is friendship. I hope they do not mind me getting these from their friendster testimonials:

Jerald on Joyce:

wala nga sigurong perfect relationship, magiging boring yun. it’s really God’s blessing to stay in a relationship ng matagal. you dont have the same personality, you dont have the same interests and sometimes you are extreme opposites.
i dont believe that you need someone to be complete. to be your compliment is more appropriate. and that is what i found in joyce. kung anu-ano na ang nangyari sa amin pero one thing is for sure. mahal na mahal ko yan! my bestfriend, my greatest critic, my no. 1 supporter. masipag, trustworthy, dependable, malambing, matiyaga, matalino, matapang, pikon at ipaglalaban ka ng patayan! sugar and super spicy, ika nga. only a few person can be considered as God’s gift, joyce is certainly one of them. corny man sabihin, pero kung meron man talagang nakasulat na pangalan sa loob ng puso, si joyce ang nakasulat sa akin.

Joyce on Jerald:

‘Tong mamang ito ang pinakamabait na tao sa buong mundo – nakapagtiis sakin for more than 6 years na (gasem!) ‘Tong mamang ito ang pinakamatiyaga – kaya nyang makibagay from 0-99 years old (bilib!) ‘Tong mamang ito ang pinakamahal ko sa buong mundo (naks!) Love you, MAHAL!

To Jerald and Joyce, know that I love you guys. Keep on living, loving, and learning together.


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