Fruitcake for Christmas

I will never get tired of listening to Eraserheads’ Christmas album Fruitcake which carries my favorite song “Lightyears.”  Since I have yet to get a CD copy of the album and my cassette player had long conked out on me, I can only listen to the songs from Fruitcake that are included in the two Anthology albums and those that the band sang in this RX Concert Series recording Jegs generously shared.

By the way, Anvil Publishing gave Eheads fans a Christmas gift when it finally came up with a reprint of Fruitcake the book. The book gets new colors too: red and green cover in lieu of the original silver and black. Although I already have a copy of the first printing, I would not object to getting a copy with the red and green cover.


Fruitcake is the story of a girl named Frannie Wei who with her friend  Shadow ran away from home. Together they encountered all sorts of characters such as the Carol Kings, Bobo the Wiseman, the Lord of the Rhum, the Motherpackers, the Fabulous Baker Boy, and the Fruit Fairy.


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