My 100

Chai and I watched 100 (Chris Martinez, 2008 ) at Galleria last weekend. In 100 Mylene Dizon played Joyce, a young woman living it up and then finding herself having to let go of everything because she is dying. Giving Joyce her unwavering love and support is her best friend Ruby (Eugene Domingo). Together Joyce and Ruby and later in the film, Joyce’s mom (Tessie Tomas) and nephew, made a list of things to do, places to be, and people to find/spend time with.

I missed 100 in Cinemalaya, and I have to thank Jegs for giving me the heads up on its cinema run. I am glad that I saw the film with Chai. After watching it, we made a pact to push on with our plans which include starting our own business and going on a tour. I know that we still have a lot of saving to do, and since we are not running against time (only weakening limbs), we can actually list down more than a hundred. Here is a partial list of my 100, and just maybe, I get to write an individual post about each of these:

  • Learn
    1. Nihongo
    2. Korean
    3. Spanish
    4. German
    5. Ilocano
    6. Cebuano
    7. Kapampangan
    8. to bike
    9. to drive
    10. to sew with a machine
    11. to bake
    12. to swim
    13. to play the guitar
    14. to write in baybayin
  • Read
    15. War and Peace
    16. Anna Karenina
    17. Lolita
    18. Madame Bovary
    19. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
    20. Hamlet
    21. The Great Gatsby
    22. In Search of Lost Time
    23. The Stories of Anton Chekhov
    24. Middlemarch
  • Watch
    25. Akira Kurosawa films
    26. Audrey Hepburn films
    27. James Dean films
    28. Lino Brocka films
    29. Wong Kar Wai films
    30. Ishmael Bernal films
    31. FPJ films
    32. Park Chan Wook films
    33. Eraserheads in concert part 2!
    34. David Cook in concert
    35. Green Day in concert
    36. Rain in concert
  • 37. Bigbang in concert with my cousin Angel
  • Meet
    38. Ely Buendia/Raimund Marasigan/Buddy Zabala/Marcus Adoro
    39. Wong Kar Wai
    40. Christopher Doyle
    41. Tony Leung
    42. Park Chan Wook
    43. Zhang Yimou
    44. Oprah Winfrey
    45. Takuya Kimura
    46. Takeshi Kaneshiro
    47. Kei Nishikori
    48. Joe Odagiri
    49. Homare Sawa
    50. Sandara Park
    51. Peter Jackson
    52. David Cook
  • Tour
    53. Bohol
    54. Boracay
    55. Davao
    56. Zamboanga
    57. Puerto Princesa, Palawan
    58. Vigan, Ilocos Sur
    59. Batanes
    60. Banaue
    61. Camiguin
    62. Bacolod, Negros Occidental
    63. Dumaguete, Negros Oriental
    64. Bukidnon
    65. Sagada
    66. Japan
    67. Sydney and Melbourne, Australia
    68. Germany
    69. Hongkong
    70. Spain
    71. Thailand
    72. Taiwan
    73. France
  • 74. Italy
  • 75. Israel

4 thoughts on “My 100

  1. Wow, great idea! Makes me want to make my own 100 list. 🙂 I do have a list — 50 things to do before I turn 50. You can list down all of the things you want to do before your 50th birthday, and you can even go beyond 50 things. Then you get to mark your milestones as well.:)

    1. I saw your list and wow, you have completed quite a number already. Sugoi! You gave me ideas for the remaining 27 🙂 It was fun making a list, and another great thing about making it public is that people actually help to achieve them.

    1. I know Mylene won best actress in Cinemalaya; I am not sure about PIFF though. What I am sure of is that the film won Audience Award and $25,000 for director Chris Martinez at PIFF.

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