Michael Johns rocks Manila

Michael Johns of American Idol Season 7 is in Manila for a series of (Ayala) mall show. Ten minutes past 6 PM last Tuesday, I started to pack up and get ready to leave with L but I had to stay a little longer and settle some work-related stuff first. Good thing we arrived at Trinoma just before the show started at 7 PM. We had to watch from the fourth floor though as the other areas with a better view were already crowded.

Michael Johns rocked! I liked that he sang some of my favorite songs like Pearl Jam’s “Daughter, ” Oasis’ “Wonderwall,” and “Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” (Thanks MJ for the youtube upload.)

There was a meet-and-greet after the show for the lucky ones, and Michael was amazingly warm to fans. He hugged them and gamely posed for photos. L and I could not get a good angle to take a picture, and only a few seconds before he had to go, the guard allowed us to approach the stage. All we got was a three-second video. Oh well.

I cannot wait for January when David Cook comes here for a show. I hope it pushes through.


2 thoughts on “Michael Johns rocks Manila

  1. Yeah, I did want Michael Johns in the top three too.

    I like David Cook in AI, but now that I got to listen to his album, particularly his song “Permanent,” I am loving him 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by, nobe.

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