Once upon a childhood

Last October 31st my grade school class BES 89 had a little get-together hosted by one of my classmates who is back from the US for a short vacation. It was amazing how our classmates could recall many things from that “age of innocence.” Here are some of our childhood memories as culled from our yahoogroup posts.

  • Singing along to Voltes V theme song which was played before our flag ceremony. The lyrics in romaji as well as the English translation were copy-pasted from Super Twin Alvin and Clod’s post 🙂
    Tatoe arashi ga hukou tomo
    Tatoe oonami areru tomo
    Kogidasou tatakai no umi he
    Tobikomou tatakai no uzu he
    Mitsumeau hitomi to hitomi
    Nukumori wo shinjiau
    Go nin no nakama
    subete wo kakete
    Yaruzo chikara no tsukiru made
    Chikyuu no yoake ha mou chikai
    Tatoe ikazuchi hurou tomo
    Tatoe daichi ga yureru tomo
    Tobidasou tatakai no sora he
    Mamorou yo tatakai no niwa wo
    Nigiri au tagai no te to te
    Magokoro wo shinjiau
    Go nin no nakama
    inochi wo kakete
    Yuku zo shouri wo tsukamu made
    Uchuu no yoake ha
    mou chikai
    Tatoe kemono ga hoeru tomo
    Tatoe yukute wo husagu tomo
    Utaou yo tatakai no uta wo
    Katarou yo tatakai no michi wo
    Ashinami wo soroete yukou
    Otagai wo shinjiau
    Go nin no nakama
    Azuketa inochi
    Tobu ze uchuu no hate made mo
    Minna no egao mo mou chikai


Though the storm should blow
Though the wave should rage
Let’s row out to the sea of battle
Let’s jump into the maelstrom of battle

Gaze into each other’s eyes
Believe in each other’s warmth
The party of five

On Voltes Five,
we stake everything
Let’s do it till the last of strength
The earth’s dawn
is already near.

Though thunder should strike
Though the earth should shake
Let’s rush out into the sky of battle
Let’s defend the garden of battle

Take hold of each other’s hands
Believe in each other’s sincerity
The party of five

On Voltes Five
we stake our lives
Let’s go till we seize victory
The universe’ dawn
is already near

Though the beasts should roar
And block up our way
Let’s sing the song of battle
Let’s tell about the path of battle

Keep along the same pace
Believe in each other
The party of five

On Voltes Five
we trust our lives
Let’s fly till the end of the universe
Everyone’s smile
is already near

  • Exercising to Yoyoy Villame’s “Mag-exercise Tayo.” “Upang ang katawan natin ay sumigla :)”
  • Eating fishballs that Mang Henry sold. If my memory serves me, a fishball cost only 20 centavos. Double dipping in fishball sauce was allowed (Mang Henry’s sauce rules!). And he let the boys cooked okra in his fishball cart too!
  • Buying sago’t gulaman from Aling Fe’s store. “Malamig, marami, at makulay” sabi nga ni Super Twin Alvin.
  • Playing “Langit, Lupa, Impiyerno.” Our favorite areas were the concrete enclosure of the Rizal bust near the flagpole and the stage-like stairs where the exercise leaders (see item 2) stand.
  • Eating Zebzeb cornpuffs, Pompoms cheese curls, Chikadees, Wonder Boy, and Starkish, These were but few of the chichiria we spent our money on. Other stuff we liked were Clover chips, Adong’s chocolate, Big Boy and Bazooka bubble gum.
  • Buying hermit crabs or chicks (in assorted colors!)
  • Exchanging letters and stationery. Girls from our class had girl pen pals from the lower grade levels. The letter usually came with sheets of blank stationery which we collected.
  • Singing “Hand in Hand” on graduation day. “Hand in Hand” was the theme song of the 1988 Seoul Olympics. “Sunrise, Sunset” was another song that we had to learn for graduation, but I am not sure we actually sang it.

In March 2009, it will be 20 years since our grade school graduation. Our batch has set its reunion on December 5, 2009. If you know anyone who had graduated from Bancal Elementary School in 1989, I would appreciate your passing on our invitation to that person.


5 thoughts on “Once upon a childhood

  1. panuto:

    hanapin si ashte sa larawan. clue: babae siya. ang makahanap ay tatanggap ng gantimpala: isang balot na zebzeb, pompom, at fishballs. makakukuha rin ng sure seat ticket sa langit, lupa, o impiyerno depende sa pinagdaanang buhay sa mabunying kaharian ng albanya. maligayang paghahanap kay ashte!


  2. sa tinawag nating bcs, ikinalulungkot sabihin ng organisador ng ating patimpalak na mali po ang iyong kasagutan. opo mali–bagama’t muntik nang tumama dahil si ashte po ang guro. opo, siya ang butihing guro ng mga batang ito (pasok Asin: “…walang muwang sa mundo”). sayang, bcs, sayang ang zebzeb, pompom, at fishballs–paano na sila ngayon? gayunman, bilang pampalubag-loob, tatanggap ka ng pantastikong magic sing na ang laman ay puro awit lamang ni manny pacquiao. kaya ngayon pa lang maaari ka nang mag-ensayong kumanta a la pacman (o a la golden boy dela hoya, pareho rin lang naman silang recording supahstah). maaari mong kunin ang iyong premyo sa 680 appliance center, magdala lamang ng 1×1 whole body id picture (photoshopped id pic not valid).

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