Takoyaki ga suki desu ka?

Takoyaki (octopus ball or dumpling; from tako, “octopus” and yaki, “bake” or “grill”) is generally considered a snack food but may be eaten as a side dish with a bowl of cooked rice. It is a classic Kansai street food. In the J-dorama Gokusen, characters Tetsu and Minoru run a takoyaki stall as a cover up to watch over Yankumi. Read where you may buy takoyaki locally in Japinoy’s takoyaki thread.


3 thoughts on “Takoyaki ga suki desu ka?

  1. うわあぁ!おいしそう!このむさしたこやき、どこですか?いくらですか?
    Tesha-san!! May nanggugulo sa Japinoy members ngayon! Wag mo syang pansinin ha. うそばかり。。。

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