Good company, good food at Zensho

For me, good food is an antidote to a lousy day (at the office haha). It is not unusual for N, L, and I to have spur of the moment food trips. Since I can’t get enough of Japanese food lately, we took a trip along Tomas Morato where a number of Japanese restos are located. I was craving for a bowl of ramen. I guess I had seen the Japan Video Topics episode on ramen too many times that I was conditioned to crave for it. However, we did not see any authentic looking ramenya (kindly let me know if you know a good ramenya in QC area), but Zensho Teppanyaki Restaurant and Sushi Bar caught our eyes. Armed with plastic money (why do ATMs get offline all at the same time?) and with the little knowledge we could google using L’s phone, we walked into Zensho.

Zensho is known for its eat-all-you-can offering, but I still wanted my bowl of hot noodles.  I settled for a bowl of niku udon (Php 190), while N ordered nabeyaki udon (Php280), and L, gyudon donburi (Php205). We also ordered the queen sushi boat (Php290).

A bowl of niku udon costs Php 190
A bowl of niku udon costs Php 190

Queen sushi boat (Php290)

Queen sushi boat (Php290)

We ordered more than what we could actually eat. Both the nabeyaki udon and gyudon donburi were big enough for the three of us. I have to remind myself to go easy on the wasabi next time (nakakasipon :))


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