Touring Busan in less than 24 hours

The 13th Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) closes tomorrow, October 10th. Again, I am green with envy as Jegs got to be where the action was. In 2006 when Kubrador (Jeffrey Jeturian, 2006) was screened at the festival, not recognizing Bb. Joyce Bernal, Jegs asked the director to take a picture of him with Gina Pareno. It was Direk Jeffrey who pointed it out to him. That was so funny!

I intend to go back to Busan in October 2009 for the 14th PIFF, but in the meantime I will reminisce the wonderful time Angela and I had touring Busan with Jegs (thanks, Man, like really!) in less than 24 hours.

6:25 AM Left Seoul for Busan via KTX

We arrived at around 9 AM at Busan Station. Jegs had to take the long (and costly) way to Busan from Geoje because the ferry trip was cancelled. After meeting Jegs, we went to Lotte Mall to have brunch.

Inside a mall
Inside the Lotte Mall
Brunch was Pizza Hut Korean style pizza
Brunch was Pizza Hut Korean style pizza

The temperature was about 12 degrees Celsius, but that could not stop some people from jumping in the water at Haeundae Beach. We walked on the sand carefully to avoid getting sand in our shoes. Jegs had been to the Busan Aquarium enough times, so Angela and I left him alone to shoot photos while we checked the sea creatures at the aquarium.

At the Haeundae Beach
At the Haeundae Beach
Chasing birds
Playing with the stuffed animals at the Busan Aquarium

We also went to Numinaru APEC House (from numi, “world” and naru, “summit”) where the 2005 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit was held.

The 1996 APEC Summit was actually in Subic
The 1996 APEC Summit was actually in Subic

We were not able to go all the way to the top of the Busan Tower after climbing flights and flights of stairs. But we saw a night view of the city from the deck.

Then we walked through one of Busan’s shopping areas. This one was less crowded than Myeongdong. Being the PIFF regular that he is, Jegs knew just the right spots where to have our pictures taken.

Bullet through our heads
Bullet through our heads

What was left to be done in Busan at 11 PM? Watch a film! We just had to see Speed Racer (The Wachowski Brothers, 2008) on opening day. No, Angela is NOT a big fan of Rain. (I should post the last statement in Japinoy’s I’m a liar thread 🙂 )


5 thoughts on “Touring Busan in less than 24 hours

  1. @betchay: Learning about Choi Jin Sil committing suicide is sad. At first I though it was the actress who played Kelly in “A Rosy Life” but it was Betsy. Sigh.

    Hey, the Philippines won two awards at 13th PIFF! Yey! Chris Martinez’s “100” starring Mylene Dizon took the Audience Award. It will have its regular run in cinemas here in December. Rommel Tolentino Milo’s “Andong” got the Sonje Award.

    @angela: I do! 🙂 I am saving it for a future blog post hehe

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