Michael V as Ely B

Finally found the time to search for the video of Bubble Gang’s take on the Eraserheads: The Reunion. Michael V and the gang performing “Hala Pack-Up” ala Eraserheads doing “Alapaap” is a fun watch:

Bubble Gang: Hala Pack-Up, Eraseyourheads


7 thoughts on “Michael V as Ely B

  1. oooo wala na nga sa youtube ung vids. buti nadownload ko agad. hehe. i have a copy, but i’m not sure where to post it.
    the vid is hilarious and i don’t find it offensive. nakakatuwa nga e. kuhang kuha ni bitoy yung naramdaman ng mga fans. hehe.

  2. Tina-chan!
    Rockathon na mamaya, 7 pm at Bellagio Square. Too bad we can’t go. There are too many things that I have to finish. Sayang. We will miss Markus Highway, Pedicab, and Sandwich.
    Next Play4Serve with Sandwich is a date ha!

  3. sige tina, next play4serve with tinapay na may palaman (dear sandwich, forgive me for my corniness), go na talaga tayo. kasalanan ko po bakit hindi tayo natuloy (tayo lang hehe).

  4. hehe. ok lang! marami pang susunod. ‘di rin ako available kahapon sa rockathon kasi may pinuntahan din ako e. oh well, may UP fair pa naman. mapagsasama-sama yang mga bands na yan! sana. hehe.. 😀

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