Dolls of the world: Philippines

This is my Barbie of Manila, Philippines. She is wearing a version of baro’t saya, the traditional dress of women in the Philippines.ย She is the other doll that got me started in this little project. The first doll, Barbie in a hanbok, is not exactly Korean Barbie. The hanbok was bought in Insadong in Seoul, but the doll wearing it is actually Barbie as Snow White (bought on sale at Robinson’s).

Researching for the other traditional costumes for my dolls of the world project, I checked the official Barbie collector site to see what Mattel has produced so far. Wah! I like their Dolls of the World-Asia collection. The Japan Barbie doll in particular is just lovely.

This is turning out to be a bigger (read: expensive) project. Sigh.


6 thoughts on “Dolls of the world: Philippines

  1. Hobbies can indeed become expensive. I have to check constantly if my budget would allow me my little projects.

    Thanks for dropping by, cb ๐Ÿ™‚

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