Saturday is Nihongo day

I look forward to Saturdays. Not only do I learn Nihongo with the coolest classmates (Lind, Reg, Cholo, Kats, Kirby, and Kriz) and a wonderful sensei Joy-san at the Nihongo Center-Manila, but I get to have my little (Japanese) food trip after my class.

Okuya Express

On my way to the 29th MIBF last September 13th, I was on the lookout for a good Japanese restaurant at the SM Mall of Asia. I passed by a nice-looking sushi resto, but I thought it would be better to save eating there at another time when I have companions. I went to the Food Court, and I saw Okuya Express.

Okuya Express has bento masters starting at Php70. The food they have on display look appetizing. I watched a staff make a California maki before I ordered a salmon teriyaki bento (Php140). At first I was a bit disappointed that the food was placed in a plate and not in a bento box but the taste and the texture of the salmon made up for it. I thought it had the right sweetness and saltiness.

Bento master
Bento master
Deft hands at work
Deft hands at work
Salmon teriyaki
Salmon teriyaki

There is also an Okuya Express at the food court of VMall in Greenhills.

Jumbo Japs

I stopped over Cubao last September 20th, and ate lunch at Jumbo Japs at the Gateway Mall. An order of gyudon and coffee jelly cost me Php 124. This was my first bowl of gyudon:

Coffee jelly
Coffee jelly

The raw egg in gyudon made me think of bibimbap, so I quickly mixed it up. I was hoping the egg would be cooked the way it does in bibimbap, but I guess the styro bowl does not allow for that.

Saturday, October 4th is Nihongo Center Open House 2008

Fun, fun, fun activities are lined up this Saturday at the Nihongo Center Open House 2008 in Nihongo Center-Makati. Come and join us if you have time. Some friends are joining me for this event and a little Japanese food trip after. Little Tokyo, here we come!


2 thoughts on “Saturday is Nihongo day

  1. I have an issue with the name “Jumbo Japs”. I don’t know if the owner is a Japanese, though. Jap is a racial slur popularized during WWII and while the meaning is slowly being forgotten, there are still those who take offense with the word. Oh well…

  2. Sou desu ka.
    I can’t find anything about the Jumbo Japs owner, but from a forum post, the Okuya Express owner is Nihonjin married to a Pinay.

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