The Amazing Race: Manila kara Cebu made

Upon learning about the 3rd National ICTs in Basic Education Congress from the UP Open University site last September 2, I immediately proposed for our participation. This was one event our team, which is working on digital instructional materials, should not miss. However, the Congress was on the following week already (September 10-11) at the Waterfront, Lahug City, Cebu. Given the circumstances, I was thinking that getting a green light was a long shot, but yey!, we got it.

How long does it take to reach NAIA Terminal 3?

Our flight was at 12:10, so we planned to leave around 9:30 AM. We knew we had to check in at least 45 minutes before departure. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we ran late. We had 50 minutes to catch our flight. Good thing N offered to drive us from Quezon City to the NAIA Terminal 3 where Cebu Pacific Air operates. I told N I had faith that she would get us to the airport on time, but I could not help looking at the clock in her car (sumimasen!). But she did get us there on time (hontouni arigatou!).

Our senior manager J who often preferred to stay behind whenever he was invited to international or local event for work was such a good sport to attend this Congress. I am sure he did not imagine it would turn out to be something like The Amazing Race. S who was taking a later flight was still checking in when the last call for our flight was announced. It was time to run.

Day 1 What to do in Cebu from Smile

We were obviously ill prepared for this trip. We did not have a map or a list of things to do. Not that we had much time to do anything else. Aboard the plane, we read the Day Tripper Diaries in Smile, the inflight magazine of Cebu Pacific Air. That gave us some ideas, but still not enough time to do them.

We arrived in Cebu before 2 PM. We knew how expensive food could be at the airport but we just had to eat and I just had to have my caffeine fix ๐Ÿ™‚ :

cookies and cream blended coffee
cookies and cream blended coffee

After our late lunch, we proceeded to Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Lahug City and registered for the congress. Since the hotel we booked was far from the venue, we tried looking for a nearer hotel. But apparently, all the hotels near the venue were booked. It was time to run again; otherwise, we would lose our reservation. Yosh! We got rooms!

We waited for S, rested awhile, then went out for dinner. When in Cebu, we were told to try lechon. We did, and were satisfied.

lechon of Lechon Station, Robinson's Place Fuente Osmena
lechon of Lechon Station

Then it was time for another caffeine fix. We took the cue from Smile and went to a local brew house, Bo’s Coffee.

I love Bo’s caffe mocha, particularly the little whipped cream and the dregs of chocolate in the mug ๐Ÿ™‚ Having a long day ahead of us, we decided to rest early.

Day 2 of Cebu trip will be continued on next post. Time to study my kanji now.


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