Dolls of the world: Korea

Bryant shared about his precious a few days ago. I actually intend to post about mine, but I think I will start with a work in progress. I am dressing up dolls in traditional costumes like this Barbie in a hanbok:

The hanbok is the traditional Korean clothing. The modern hanbok evolved from the full-length skirts and hip-length jackets that noblemen had worn toward the end of the Three Kingdoms period to those worn during the Joseon Dynasty (early 20th century). Now, it is usually worn at family gatherings or celebrations such as weddings and birthdays particularly on the 1st birthday (dol) or on the 60th or 70th birthday.

You may find pictures of hanbok for all seasons in this post in Buhay sa Korea.


4 thoughts on “Dolls of the world: Korea

  1. Hehehe To be continued po. I have to read up on hanbok and other traditional clothing. I saw two collectible Barbie Doll of the World–Sumatra and Spain–at Glorietta, but buying those would wreak havoc on my budget. I think it will be more fun to sew the clothes myself and just buy dolls the same size as Barbie. I’ll post pics of Barbie in a baro’t saya and in a kimono later.

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