Chocolate from my childhood

A few weeks ago, we played a game in Nihongo class and totally misunderstanding the mechanics of the game, I caused our team to lose (Gomen Cholo-san and Kats-san). But the prize given to us totally surprised me:

Lala is the chocolate we had when we were young. I did not recognize it at first because of the packaging. The size, texture, and taste remain the same. Biting into the chocolate brought back childhood memories. Kats-san is asking for the red, jelly-like sweets coated in white powder. Let us know if it is available in your suking tindahan ๐Ÿ™‚


7 thoughts on “Chocolate from my childhood

  1. hehe…loved this, too!
    if given the choice between having this or “tootsie roll”, i’ll choose this over and over again…

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