Eraserheads: The Reunion was worth it

Getting tickets for THE concert was hard but it was worth it. The security was tight, and getting inside the concert grounds felt almost as long as waiting for the tickets to be released, but it was worth it. The concert was cut short, but for me, it was more than enough. Eraserheads was together again, even for one night only. And they rocked the crowd at the Boni Open field last night.

Getting the tickets

The concert was supposed to be free. After two failed attempts to register, I was resigned that I would not be able to seeย  it. Then, things happened, and there was a price to pay, but that did not make getting tickets any easier. I was not feeling well last Wednesday, but I learned from Tina that tickets would be available at TicketWorld, so I went there. I got to National Bookstore at 7:30 PM; TicketWorld closes at 7 PM. The next day, I asked Nanay to buy me tickets. Two NBS branches later, I still did not have any. After work, I hurried to NBS SM North. There was a queue. When it was nearly my turn, I learned that I could not use a credit card. I am obsessive over my finances, and I had never made a cash advance with the card before, but for this concert, I maxed it out.

Security check

Tina and I went to Boni Open Field early to avoid the queue. Admission to the grounds was to start at 3 PM. We met at SM Makati before 3 PM, and were at the venue around 4 PM. There were at least three people to check on our things: a security guard in uniform, a muscle man in yellow, and a concert staff at the entrance. Digicams and bottles of body spray/perfume, which Tina and I both have, were not allowed. We were not able to enter the grounds. Fortunately, my friend Anna was around the area at the time. We asked her to keep our things for us. (But there were people who managed to take their digicams inside; we now eagerly await their youtube posts ๐Ÿ™‚ Mabait at masunurin kasi kami haha)

Back at the venue, we fell in line again. They checked for the same items; we passed levels 1 and 2 of security check. In level 3, they asked for our umbrellas. I was thinking: How are we supposed to get them back after the concert? I would not leave my Fibrella behind. It was my third Fibrella, a replacement I got for the one I left at a bar, and it is not exactly cheap. Tina’s umbrella has senti value; she got it in Japan. I told myself: bahala na mamaya.

Finally, at around 5 PM, we were inside the grounds. Portalet wa doko desu ka? It was good that there was a number of portalets near the exit. We had 3 hours to kill. Good thing Tina and I had a lifetime of catching up to do.

The 20-minute countdown

While waiting, we were seated on the ground, but as more people got in and occupied every possible space they could squeeze themselves into, we had to stand. Then the 20-minute countdown began. With every minute gone, people would shout. We all had waited for years, but it seemed that we could not wait for 20 minutes more. As expected, we counted the last 10 seconds aloud, and the big screen went on. Blast from the past: pictures of the band, their albums, screenshots from music videos. Then the first riff of music.

Eraserheads rocked the crowd

Tina guessed the Eraserheads’ opening song correctly: “Alapaap.” It was a total time warp: Ely Buendia wearing his signature shades, Raimund Marasigan with his Sprite green hair, Buddy Zabala in a red shirt, and Marcus Adoro in a checkered one.

Then they played “Ligaya,” which made me feel like it was 1993 again, that I was a college freshman struggling with Math 17 and Chem 16. We sang along to “Sembreak,” “Hey Jay,” “Harana,” “Fruitcake,” “Toyang,” “Kamasupra,” “Kailan,” “Huwag Kang Matakot,” “Kaliwete,” “With a Smile,” “Shake Yer Head,” and “Huwag Mo Nang Itanong.” There was not much spiel; first and foremost concern was music. Raimund was being true to his words: no drama, just drums. Ely’s vocals was strong; my fear unfounded. Their performance was amazing; the event almost surreal. Between songs, there were shouts of “Group hug!,” “Usap usap naman,” “Bati na kayo” from the audience which I found rather irksome. I was thinking, the band was playing like there’s no tomorrow, isn’t that enough? Talaga naman.

The moment I heard the intro to “Lightyears,” I had goosebumps. It is, after all, my favorite Eraserheads song. My night was complete. The band had many popular songs (“Pare Ko,” “Huling El Bimbo,” “Magasin” among others), and I would love to hear them play each one. But as I told my friends in a text message: Eraserheads sang “Lightyears”; OK na ako.

Short but sweet

I did not see it happen, but friends who were in the VIP section said that Ely sat down, clutching his guitar after “Lightyears.” The lights went out for a 20-minute intermission, but more than 20 minutes passed, and the band was not back on stage. Then Buddy introduced Ely’s sister Lally who told the audience what happened. One of the concert producers/executives was also on the stage with Buddy, Raimund, Marcus, and Lally, and he apologized. A minute of silence/prayer was offered for Ely.

Eraserheads were able to play only half of their intended playlist but it was well worth it. The concert may be short, but it was indeed very sweet.


9 thoughts on “Eraserheads: The Reunion was worth it

  1. that was one helluva concert ne? hahaha. thanks po so much at hinayaan niyo akong sumabit sa inyo. ๐Ÿ™‚
    sa uulitin!
    sayang di tayo nakapuntang saguijo. dumiretso daw dun sina buddy, raymund, and marcus after ng concert. tinuloy yung nabiting set. syempre with the bokalista ng mga bandang walang bokalista, si ebe. hahaha..

  2. at eto nga po pala ang second set nila dapat (nakuha ko from the mailing list):

    poorman’s grave
    trip to jerusalem
    back to me
    maselang bahaghari
    maling akala
    para sa masa
    pare ko
    huling el bimbo

    and napulot ko naman from multiply ng sandwich na galing sa sandwich mailing list, from raymund:

    dear everybody

    before anything. i just spoke to day cabuhat. and she informed me that
    ely’s condition is now stable. and they’re very thankful for all your

    thank you very much for coming t the show. we really felt the cheering
    and the singing and the love you all gave.

    thank you for understanding that the show had to be cut short.

    ely was in no condition (emotionally, physically) to play but he did.
    and he gave it his all which is more than we could ask from him. given
    the circumstances he was in.

    we all wish him well. we are all confident that he will recover soon.

    i promise to give you another eraserheads show as soon as possible.

    again thank you very much


  3. Arigatou, Tina-chan!

    Hai, that was one helluva concert. Raims is right: Ely gave it his all given his circumstances. And I love Ely even more for it. Let’s continue praying for him.

    I would not have as much fun if we did not watch it together ๐Ÿ™‚ Sayang, di ko agad naisip na mag-Saguijo. Wow, Raims promised to give us another Eraserheads show. That’s great! Let’s try to get VIP tickets ne hahaha

  4. @ izebaby: Wasn’t it 20 minutes? I was that excited ne, I could not remember if it was 10 or 20 min ๐Ÿ™‚

    anyways, thanks for dropping by.

  5. sobrang inggit ako..i hope i get to catch the rereunion! watch out for my eheads music post in multiply! haven’t been to saguijo too..punta tayo don next time ah^^

  6. Sure! ^^ Matapat sana na may gig ang Sandwich, Sugarfree, Imago, at Pedicab. OK sa Saguijo. Intimate. Para lang isang malaking barkada having fun and making music.

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