ESTD: Spoliarium

If my life would have a sound track, quite a number of Eraserheads songs would still be appropriate. However I could not keep at posting my ESTD. Gomen. I have to know at least 800 words and 100 kanji by December.

For Joel and Mark, who wanted me to expound on my contention that given the same temptation, men, in general, are more likely to give in to the temptation, a line from my (possibly) last ESTD.

“Ewan ko at ewan natin
Sinong nagpakana?”


2 thoughts on “ESTD: Spoliarium

  1. Remember my friend who still looked for “tsinelas” when he had a great pair of shoes? Kwento ko na lang nang personal kung tungkol saan ang argumento hehe

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