ESTD: Torpedo

One of my goals in learning Nihongo is to watch a Japanese film or series without any subtitles. Some words seem to be lost in translation. (That is why I have to learn French in the future; I want to read Proust). To check if I can recognize more Nihongo words now that I am taking Nihongo lessons, I started watching the Japanese drama Zettai Kareshi (English title: Absolute Boyfriend ).

From what I have seen so far, Absolute Boyfriend is funny (but “funny” is relative like most things are, but I do not want to overanalyze at the moment). Riiko Izawa (Aibu Saki, Water Boys) grew up in a farm and went to the city to realize her dream of being a patissier. She ended up as an office lady at Asamoto, a big confectionery company. She liked a fellow employee, but she could only give him homemade cream puffs to show how she felt about him. Unfortunately, he did not feel the same towards her.

Riiko met Mr. Namikiri who asked her to take a survey and specify her ideal boyfriend. Without her knowledge, her answers were used to customize a robot, 01(Hayami Mokomichi, Gokusen 2). Designed to be her ideal boyfriend, 01(whom Riiko later named Night Tenjo) was delivered to her door for a free five-day trial. Initially, Night caused her a lot of trouble, but she eventually decided to buy him. However, she obviously had to keep his true identity a secret.

Soushi Asamoto (Mizushima Hiro, Hana Kimi) heads the Asamoto product development unit. He happened to taste Riiko’s cream puffs which made him believe in her potential to be a pastry chef. He is falling for Riiko, but he thinks that Night is really Riiko’s boyfriend.

**SPOILER ALERT** When Soushi told Riiko “I like your cream puff,” he meant to say he liked her. Second time for me to hear a guy say “I like your ~” when in fact he wanted to say “I like you.” In Nodame Cantabile, Chiaki’s line was “I like your piano.” Torpe ba ang Nihon-jin?


4 thoughts on “ESTD: Torpedo

  1. well, torpe sila na hindi sila nagsasabi ng feelings. pakiramdaman lang.

    napanuod ko na po yung zettai kareshi. super funny and nakakaiyak sa last episode. grabe drama ko noon. kumukulog at bumabagyo pa talaga, sabay sa drama ng last episode. grabeng emo moment.

    haha. pero siyempre pinanood ko po yun with subtitles. 🙂

  2. Talaga? At least navalidate na yung impression ko hehe

    Natapos ko na rin ang panonood. Wah T-T

    Separate post with matching ESTD na lang para dun sa last 2 episodes.

    Mata ne!

  3. ahmm… san ba makakabili ng dvd nun (nasunog kasi ung goodearth… T___T)?? mas feel ko kasi pag sa tv ko siya napapanood kesa sa comp…

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