ESTD: Maskara

Masked crusader
Masked crusader

Because I watched The Dark Knight yesterday, I will make this post two in one: my ESTD and TDK minireview.

But first, permission to whine. An obnoxious child sat beside me at the cinema. Five minutes into the film and he started asking his mom to get him water. That went on for about half an hour before his mom gave in. If it happened anywhere else, I would have probably glared at that kid. That is why parents should not sit their children beside Batman fans when they watch TDK.

And I am a Batman fan. I also happen to be a Heath Ledger fan. (I once won an advanced screening ticket for recognizing his voice as Pat Verona in 10 Things I Hate About You.) Everybody knows how anticipated TDK is because of Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker. Mr. Ledger does not disappoint to say the least. Nobody would care if he gets an Oscar or not for it. He had become The Joker, and he “completes” TDK.

Batman is a dark character; Gotham, a grim city. The Dark Knight is not the Batman in the animated series. Again, parents who are bringing their young children to see TDK should be ready to answer some tough questions: Why do people steal? Why do they kill? Why does evil exist? Director Christopher Nolan admitted that it is the moral ambiguity in the world of Batman that made him want to revisit it.


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