ESTD*: Policewoman

*Eheads song of the day. It was supposed to be ESOTD, but I missed the “O” when I was typing my message to Ayer. He said ESTD sounded like some makamundong sakit, and he likes it. So ESTD it is.

How I wish my ESTD was “Sa Wakas” but the words do not apply to me yet. Di ko pa rin nakikita ang aking hinahanap na policewoman:

Ikaw lang yata ang police/Na hindi ako naiinis

This kind police officer gave us directions to Jongno Pimatgol, an alley famed for grilled fish. We were already on our way when he followed us and decided to take us there. I guess he wanted to make sure we found the place. Kaya naman Mamang Pulis

“Ikaw ang most wanted ko” 🙂


3 thoughts on “ESTD*: Policewoman

  1. Buhay na buhay pa 🙂 Pimatgol was a little hard to locate, but it was worth a visit. Masarap talaga ang pagkain, lalo na yung grilled yellow mackerel at yung pajeon nila. Very homey ang atmosphere; it reminded me of the carinderia in UP Area 2.

    I was just in Seoul for a vacation, but I have taught English to Koreans here in Quezon City.

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