We want Tous Les Jours mugs

View from inside Tous Les Jours
View from inside Tous Les Jours

My cousin Angela and I finally realized our plan to tour Seoul last May 2008. Thinking that Koreans drink tea more than they drink coffee, I brought along my coffee press and a bag of ground beans. But the coffee press was left unused for the two weeks that we stayed there. To my surprise, there are cafes everywhere.

Our best find? The Tous Les Jours (French for “every day”) branch near Anguk-dong, right across the police station. We liked sitting near the window where we could see the people in the waiting shed and the bus stop. We also liked their glutinous rice bread. We wanted to buy their mugs for souvenir, but unlike other shops, they do not have mugs for sale.


4 thoughts on “We want Tous Les Jours mugs

  1. I remember people watching in Tous le Jours!!! It became a routine for us to go here before we started our day. I miss ajusshi’s flat bread with cinnamon and sugar, the walk to Tous le Jous, and then moving on to our activity of the day. I liked that we didn’t go on a tour. I liked that we met nice and helpful people. Love the total immersion!!!

    When and where is our next trip again Tess?

  2. I’m thinking Japan in October 2009. There are so many places to visit (and things to buy hehe). I’m studying Nihongo as hard as I can so we can haggle at the Akihabara. We gotta save girl!

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